Tours and Classes

Due to Covid-19 all in person classes are currently on hold.  See below for new online class options. Email me with any questions. 

Name your own price online classes

During this challenging time I am excited to introduce custom, one on one or small group, online classes.  In an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible, I am switching to online teaching for the winter months.  I am offering classes at no upfront cost to you.  If after the class you feel like you had a good experience, then you can leave me a gratuity of your choosing. This is a great opportunity to receive custom teaching about a subject that is important to you. 


1.  Is it REALLY no cost to me?

 Yes,  any funds you send me are entirely voluntary, so there is absolutely no risk or expectation with participation.

2.  What topics will be covered? 

 Possible topics include but not limited to the following; 

  • 8 steps to improve your landscape photography

  • Composition in landscape photography

  • Intro to night photography   

  • How to create star trails 

  • Introduction to Lightroom 

  • How I develop an image using Lightroom (Option to send me raw image and we process it together in Lightroom)

  • Intro to focus stacking 

  • Camera settings for the landscape photographer

  • Gear 

  • Insider secrets to shooting the Columbia River Gorge 

 Feel free to send me your ideas for topics/classes. 

3.  How do I sign up and what software will I need. 

Space is limited as this is a short term introductory offer.  Send me an email with a topic(s) you would most like to cover and times that would work for you.

Classes will be held via Zoom or Google Meet.  Depending on the topic, classes may include a PowerPoint option or a more casual free flowing discussion.  All classes will be 60 minutes or less.