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Lavender Valley Experience
Sunrise or Sunset
July 16,18, 29, 31 2021

Join Hood River landscape photographer Brian Chambers for a chance to shoot the sunrise or sunset  over Mt Hood with the spectacular Lavender Valley fields in the foreground.  Choose the date that works best for your schedule.  The photography workshop size is limited to 10 people.  Although this workshop is suitable for all levels of photography, it is not a formal teaching class. So, if you are less experienced and wish for more comprehensive instruction, I suggest you sign up for one of my private classes prior to doing the workshop. The farm is normally closed during sunset and sunrise, so we will have exclusive access.  Check Brian's images below from Lavender Valley to get an idea of the location.  Since we have a milky way shoot happening immediately after a few of the sunset classes, you can save $25 by signing up for both. Use the code MilkyWay at checkout for your savings!!

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