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Fort Rock Workshop
Sept 17th, 2022 


Onlyone space remains!

Join Brian Chambers in the photographer's playground of Fort Rock Homestead Museum in Eastern Oregon.  Multiple photogenic buildings, many of which are over 100 years old, are located in the museum.  We have negotiated exclusive access to photograph the historic buildings for sunset. We then stay until the dark night skies of eastern Oregon provide a chance to  capture the MilkyWay with the buildings in the foreground.  The class is scheduled on a night when there will be no visible moon, so the stars should be spectacular!  We will also discuss and practice techniques to light paint both inside and outside of the buildings during this workshop.  

The workshop will be held Saturday September 17th 6:30 pm -10pm.  Golden hour is 6:37 pm -7:34pm with the Milky Way fully visible starting at 8:57 pm.  The cost is just $250 a person.  The student to teacher ratio will be 5 to 1 or less.  This includes access to the museum grounds and instruction in the field.  Also included in the price is a private one on one 30 minute zoom class either prior or post the workshop on a topic of your choice with Brian.  Attendees are responsible for all food, drink, transportation and lodging.  There will be a member of the Fort Rock historical society on sight to turn off the street lights and open up the gate for us.  A bathroom is available on site.  There is primitive camping in the area and a Best Western Hotel in La Pine  (approximately 40 minute drive).  Brian reserves the right to cancel the class if there is limited interest or if conditions are deemed unsafe and all participants will get a full refund.  Workshop will happen rain or shine and there will be no refunds for cancellations. 

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